Services at Logan Presbyterian start again on 5 July 2020

This is good news, but we still need to be careful for one another’s health and well-being.  As we begin to meet again, we have to abide by strict guidelines set by the PCQ in accordance with Queensland Health regulations.

Please read the following points carefully.

1. We understand that some may feel that they are unable to return to worship services at this time, due to being vulnerable or having a vulnerable member in their household. We understand this. If you wish to stay home further, please remember that the website will continue to be updated with the sermon each week. Please also let us know so we can pray for you.

2. We must keep a list of attendees and an idea of where they are sitting. This is to enable contact tracing if necessary. We need to have correct addresses, phone numbers and email addresses (if available) of all who attend, including visitors. If your details are not up to date, please let us know these details.

3. We have a maximum number of people allowed for our size of building. We can have 53 people maximum (no singing) with 1.5 m spacing or 30 people (with singing) and 1.7 m spacing. As our congregation numbers over 30, we have decided to proceed without singing so that all who want to can attend.

4. If anyone has any symptoms of infectious illness, please stay home and seek medical advice. A number of our congregation are in high risk groups so this is essential as well as mandated by PCQ.

5. As before, please refrain from hugging and shaking hands and maintain safe social distancing within the building. If coughing or sneezing, please sneeze/cough into your elbow or shoulder to avoid projecting into the air.

6. We are unable to provide morning tea at present due to the regulations.

7. Family groups/households may sit together, but a distance of 1.5 m must separate each household. The chairs have been arranged to allow for this. 3 chairs are 1.4 m so as a guide we will have a 3 chair plus 10 cm spacing. Please consider letting us know beforehand if you wish to attend, so that we can co-ordinate the spacing.

8. Hand sanitiser is available at the door.

9. A cleaning procedure will take place after each group has attended to help keep everyone safe.

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